Rebatch Tutorial

Here are my soaps cut up because I was too tired and hot to grate it. So I cut them up and add only 4tbs of distilled water. This soap was pretty fresh when I ordered it so it only needs a little bit. I order my soaps from She sells the best cold processed soap because her soap is water discounted meaning allowing you to add a small percentage of water. When its time for this soap to cure it will take only two weeks and will be hard and will not shrink.

Here is my soap wrapped up and ready to get into the oven at about 200 degrees. This will cook all together for two hours. Yes I know that's too long well alternately if you don't want to wait, you can put this batch in a microwavable dish with a lid and heat it for 30 second bursts.

Every 1/2 an hour I check on it stirring but not too much so that it doesn't bubble up on me.

Here it is an hour later and getting pretty mushy and stringy. Like mashed potatoes but doesn't taste as good!

After the hour is up I begin preparing my molds, oils, butters and fragrances because once this is done it won't wait for me to be ready!
At the last 15-20 minutes I pour my Sweet Almond Oil and start chopping up my cocoa and mango butter. I love those butters so I use it as often as possible.

After I do this I put the pyrex dish back into the oven and allow the butters to melt and the oils to mix and make this batch softer. Normally rebatches are not pretty nor soft. Doing it this way allows the batch to be somewhat pourable and you will not have to plop this batch into the mold. While I'm waiting for that (15mins) I prepare my molds by lining it with freezer paper. I've also prepared a small mold made from cheap materials I purchased at home depot. I bought wood glue and there you go! It's not pretty but its the size I want for my sample soaps which are very popular!

Here is my batch all ready to be poured into the molds. Yes I said poured because the oils make the batch more fluid but nothing like cold processed soap.

I'm not even using a spoon to plop it into the mold because it just slids right off the pyrex and into the mold.

I put plastic wrap over the batch so I can squish it down and leave no air pockets like you see with many rebatches and sometimes even mine! If I don't do it properly I will get some air pockets. Some say rebatching is better for those with sensitive skin and I think its true. My children and I have very sensitive skin so I cannot use just any type of soap. Especially commercial soap!

Here is the finished bar. Now please remember if you add any fragrances with vanilla it will turn the rebatches darker. So although it looks white now, in a few weeks even a month it will darken.
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial! If you have any questions please email me at
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Chicy-Creations said…
This was great! Thanks for sharing. Love your shop
Jan said…
Great informative tutorial, Moonstruck! I've never known how soap was made.

Nice blog too! (Don't know if you remember me, but I did a custom card for you last year! I remember the card.)
moonstruckmagic said…
Well its not how real soap is made by my rebatch version! Yes my bf loved the card and your work is wonderful!