Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rainy Days

So in new york city it's just been raining like mad! I feel like I'm in seattle again. So finally got some things in order. My web store has specific items with specific fragrances. Its very easy to get caught up in so many scents that are out there but that can leave a deep whole in your pocket. So in other news, I finally ordered some goat's milk cp bars for rebatch! Someone asked me what I wanted for mother's day and big surprise I asked for a salad shooter! It will make my life sooo much easier as the machine shreds up the soap and all I do is cook it up. Sounds easy but a lot of work and I feel more comfortable not having to mess around with lye. I do not have patience for cp soap but love the results when I purchase a bar! I'm not sure which types I will make first but I purchased 30lbs and only two wood molds LOL. I imagine I will make the unscented varieties first and then off to the scented ones! Well that's all for now as soon as I start making soap I will post some pictures here. I'm also going to try to do another tutorial on rebatching but with crock pot.

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