Monday, March 16, 2009

Time is just flying on by.....

I've been meaning to do so many things but all I found time for was making more soaps! I made one of my customers fav's NYC spa soap scented with Honey Coco Mango. I've made Pink Tea Grapefruit (pictured above), Twilight, Sugar Creme and a few more! Most are quite unique because they are hand blended which some may now I love coming up with my own unique scents. Some of course do not work out well.... but others have been amazing! I've just ordered some more of my long time best selling lotion. Hopefully I will be able to list some very soon. For those of you that don't know, my daytime job is working at a Mom and Pop Accounting Agency. I really love working there mostly because all my co-workers are clowns. But of course this time of year is busiest for me but I'm not complaining.
So i'm going to hold another contest except this time it will be for a full size bar of soap and lotion! Haven't thought of what just yet but, I'll think of something!

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