Monday, February 16, 2009

Good Afternoon All!

I've been slowly getting back into soapmaking again. Money has set me back a bit so I haven't been able to replenish my stock until now! So this weekend made some vegan NYC spa soap scented with Honey Coco Mango! It smells so devine and very soothing just like a spa should smell. It has a wonderful layer of oatmeal for gentle exfoliation. My new favorite soap is Rosehip Jasmine! I'm not a fan of girly scented soaps but this one changed my mind. I also made a real man's soap. My BF loved it so much he bought two bars from me. Hopefully I will be able to put them on etsy tonight. It's scented with flowerchild, vanilla lace, and patchouli. Sounds funky right? Well it smells like a musky, heady, and mysterious man!

I've put the jewelry business on the back burner for now. I want to have specific pieces that I'd like to sell mostly metaphysical stuff. I'm going to start purchasing gemstones, sterling silver wire, and hopefully make some charm bracelets! I'm currently learning necklaces but so difficult for me as they take quite a bit of time to bead. So I'm probably going to stick to chains with add ons.

On a side note, I took the kiddies (I have a boy and girl) for a walk on Sunday because the weather was amazing! They are so lazy these days so figured they need to be a bit more active. It was great! We went to starbucks and purchased some hot cocoa, I of course got a latte! We only spent a few hours outside but they enjoyed themselves!

I'm going to do another giveaway soon for a bar of soap. Not sure which bar so I may just let the winner choose a bar! Hope everyone's weekend was great!