Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ok guys the contest has ended!

Alright well it went pretty good! I got a few people to sign up for my contest which is awesome. I'm going to post the winner at midnight tonight. On another note I sold a pair of earrings! I was very excited when I woke up this morning to see a sale. Then again I think anyone who wakes up to a sale would be happy. I have listed a bunch of items on my other site and love the looks. My jewelry pieces are quite simple, I don't have the creative talent for making bold and dramatic looks but I wish I did. I would love to know what makes some people tick? What made you decide to design something so complex? I had someone interview me twice from my moonstruckmagic site and it was kewl! It wasn't difficult but exciting to me.

On another note, the year is almost over can you believe it! I don't know where the year has gone and I feel like it was just new years 2008! I usually do not make resolutions because its always something too difficult to keep like lose weight, save money, and I'll think of another! So I decided to just make goals, they don't have to be met exactly just enough to satisfy me. So as for the weight loss I like my body but, I could do away with the belly. I always thank my two beautiful sweet loving kids for that LOL. I do hope that next year will be better for everyone not just my family. I hope that those with businesses survive and make it another year. Those of you who don't know me very well probably don't know that I can do horoscopes! I love doing them and for most people they say it actually comes out! Obviously because its not personalized it won't work for everyone. I'm sure many of you read yours browsing through your favorite magazine's or even in the newspapers. Well I'm not doing that type of horoscope, I'm going to do a monthly forecast. Basically the same thing only its extremely general.

Wow I think I've talked enough in your computer's ear LOL so I will return!

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