Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Turkey Lurky Day has arrived!

The time has finally arrived to special days in one week! Thanksgiving and Black Friday! I will definitely do some shopping and discounting my items for this day. Shipping for Black Friday and the weekend will be .75 cents! It's so hard these days to take care of yourself with little luxuries mostly because of the economy. In these harsh times, we still need to care for our bodies even if it's a small bar of wonderfully fragrant soap, sample sized lotion, or even a large one! Simple joys can always turn a horrible day into a spa day fit for one.

I love to handblend fragrances and sometimes I come up with good ones and sometimes they just smell worse! In any case I was playing around with some fragrances and came up with a new one called Bewitching. This amazing fragrance with notes of Lavender, Patchouli and a few more! Hopefully I will be able next year to make some exclusive fragrances for moonstruckmagic, but for right now I'm going to take inventory and get a jumpstart on the new year arriving really fast. Another exciting development is I've started making jewelry again! Soap is still my passion but jewelry making is right behind it. So I have this habit of trying to learn to do everything! No matter if its soapmaking or cooking. I have a passion of creating things and enjoy it tremendously. So last year I was trying to learn how to make rings and it was terrible! My wrapping was horrible and earrings looked well horrible too. So I gave it up for a little while. Recently I've started again and its been so much fun because i've been a bit more creative than normal. My mother is really the super creative and interesting type. Even when I create something its usually a bit boring! So last night I made seven rings all wire wrapped and my mother thought they were beautiful! I will post some pictures later on today. I was super proud of myself and will continue to purchase more supplies to continue the obsession! After all that is what it's like to have that love and passion for something that no one else can understand unless they create as well. So tonight instead of taking pictures I made more rings and although the technique is not like how they show on the video, I was able to make it my own style. I'm going to purchase some more wire to make more rings it's so much fun.

So Moonstruckmagic is going to have a great deal! .75 Cent shipping on all items in the shop! Happy shopping all!


Enchanted said...

I to switch over from one craft to another and back again. Soap is my favorite but I also enjoy stained glass, cross stitch and a wee bit of sewing. I would rather do crafts than clean house but I bet most people would rather play than work anyway. lol

moonstruckmagic said...

Your right! I would rather make jewelry or bath & body items than cook or clean! I have such a hard time getting away!